Veldeman opts for sustainable

Veldeman attaches great importance to sustainability. We want to apply this further than only in our use of materials or their recycling. Our greatest asset is our people and the knowledge that they carry through years of experience. Sustainability must also be something that lives throughout the organization.

Veldeman is therefore, with the support of the European Union (ESF) and the Flemish Government, carrying out a project on a sustainable career policy. This fits in with our desire to deal with employees in all our decisions with care and to build up further sustainable relationships with them.

Veldeman is therefore continuing to build a strong welcome policy that gives confidence to new employees, to a career policy with vision, and to coaching and inspiring leadership. Attention will be paid to the even more refined structuring and mapping of critical knowledge, experience and competences, a better work-life balance, transparent wage policy and a good follow-up of employees in search of new challenges.

With this, Veldeman continues the line towards sustainability in all its parts!