The Veldeman family started out in 1954 with the manufacture of mattresses, but the company also very quickly built up a sound reputation for the production of upholstered seats, chairs and sofas.

This activity was subsumed under the VVIF brand, which is a byword for high-quality seats, chairs and sofas and a showcase for the very best of what the Veldeman Group can do, both as regards limited-series production and in the field of custom-made items and handmade exclusive pieces. 


VVIF Veldeman maatwerk


VVIF’s target group is on the one hand the project market, i.e. hotels, furnishings and fittings for catering establishments, reception areas, conference rooms and boardrooms in companies, etc., whilst a second target group comprises domestic and foreign architects and decorators who want to offer their clients exclusive (custom-made) items in a design that takes the tiniest detail into account.

All VVIF products are thus wholly bespoke pieces, i.e. 'custom made' when it comes to the measurements, upholstery, finishing and sitting comfort.

The production is entirely Made in Belgium, in the company’s own workshops in Oudsbergen. Clients can follow the production process here, from discussion of the design through to delivery of the finished product, and can help oversee the process if they wish.