Valère VeldemanThe story of the Veldeman Group started in 1954 when a rope and cord merchant had a meeting with the shop assistant of a furniture store in Runkst, a district of Hasselt.

The two decided to pool their forces – quite literally. With the cord they tied the steel springs used by the furniture maker in the seats of upholstered armchairs together to make a mattress core. 

This they carefully finished off with a comfortable top layer and base and a decorative edge. The first Velda mattress had been produced.


Valère Veldeman, a rope and cord merchant, was now a trader in mattresses. An initial modest production workshop was set up behind the store.


Valère Veldeman continued to build and develop the company into a group that now has almost 400 employees and is regarded as one of the largest and most expansive industrial manufacturers in the mattresses and beds sector.


In 1989 Valère Veldeman handed over the management of the family company to his son Marc. This changeover soon led to the introduction of innovative sleeping concepts, brand diversification for specific target groups and internationalisation of both sales and production.



1954   Establishment of Velda Mattresses in Runkst / Hasselt

1957   Move to Genk-Bokrijk: Start-up of Suites division 
1966   Move to Oudsbergen

1988   Establishment of first French plant in Autun

1989   Splitting of Velda Suites / Velda Mattresses

1990   Establishment of second French plant in Confolens

1994   Acquisition of Schreurs Oudsbergen cabinet makers, now DLV International

1998   Establishment of Velda UK, trading company in the UK

2004   Establishment of Velda Confort S.L., trading company in Spain

2007   Setting up of the Premium Brands division

2007   Extension of Autun to incorporate logistics centre / specialisation of French plants

2010   Acquisition of TAZO’ in Eyrein, France

2013  Establishment of BOVELLI SP – Joint Venture in Poland